About Lightning Rods

Lightning can strike unexpectedly at any time, resulting in fire, damage, injury, or even death. Lightning is a bolt of energy, created by friction in the sky, and it aims to reach the ground as fast as possible. Structures or people in the way are inconsequential. If a house or other structure, such as yours, is in the way, the house could either burn or explode. There is no way to stop lightning, but fortunately we can redirect it safely to the ground.


Grounded cable

Lightning rods are a simple concept, but they require a skilled technician to install. Basically, they sit on the roof of a building and are attached to highly conductive cables of either copper or aluminum alloy. The cables follow a direct path to the ground. When lightning strikes, the energy moves through the rods and cables without creating the friction that can lead to fires and destruction. Once in the ground, the energy disperses.


Frequently Asked Questions


Decorative lightning rods

Will lightning rods protect my appliances as well as
prevent structural damage?
Yes, if your structure is struck by lightning, lightning rods will keep the energy from reaching the circuitry of the building and will not fry your appliances or equipment. However, your appliances are still at risk of being damaged if lightning strikes an off-site power grid that supplies your building. For this reason, we can also install surge protection for your electrical service equipment.


How will lightning rods affect the aesthetics of my building?
These days, lightning rods and cables can be installed in such a way so they are hidden and do not interfere with the aesthetics or architecture. Alternatively, decorative lighting rods are available if you prefer to show off your lightning rod system.


Concealed lightning rods